Arts In Easton

The Arts in Easton are alive and growing.  A day trip to discover Easton or the surrounding towns of St. Michaels and Oxford can fill your day just visiting the art galleries and studios.  That won't leave you much time for the great boutique shopping experience, the dining, the views and the history that surrounds this hidden gem on the eastern shore of Maryalnd.  Plan to stay longer and find out how our relaxed way of living can become habit forming.


Friday Morning Artists

Friday Morning Artists is a group of artists from Easton, MD and the surrounding area that get together every Friday morning to discuss art. Artists include:  painters, potters, sculptors, wood and metal workers, drawers, photographers, and many others. It is free to join the group and everyone is welcome. To attend a gathering, give John Dynan a call to get the current venue, and just show up!

Friday Morning Artists group allows local artists from the area to meet once a week in a very informal gathering which allows a sharing of ideas and good conversation.  Many "struggling" artists, because of the groups support, have gone on to individual success or open their own gallery. 

Remenber that the only price of admission is a cup of coffee (or breakfast) and your presence, the rest will take care of itself.